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Microsoft is rebuilding Visio Desktop in the Web App!

Started by Visisthebest, December 05, 2023, 09:10:42 AM

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Check out what is in development:

In 2024 things like this are coming:

Visio: Custom shapes in Visio for the web [Visio Plan 2]

Users with a Visio Plan 2 license will be able to use third-party custom shapes to create diagrams in Visio for the web.

Not bad!

No idea what this is though:

Visio: Infinite Canvas in Visio for the web

Infinite canvas in Visio for the web is an expansive digital canvas designed to remove spatial limitations. It will allow users to stretch their creative boundaries by providing the room they need to capture, organize, and visualize ideas without constraints.

(an infinite canvas with a limitation on how many shapes can be on a page, doesn't sound so unlimited to me)
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Quote from: Visisthebest on December 05, 2023, 09:10:42 AMNo idea what this is though
PS There is no future for me...


Well, a limitless canvas is good when you have objects (shapes) that scale at different levels of magnitude. That does not mean that the drawing will be filled with an infinite number of shapes, but you can handle both the micro and the mega structures in one drawing.
Applications: data handling (where the shapes hold the actual data), presentations (to zoom between the very big and the very small).

I approve ;) .


Ok yes good to know, haven't  thought much about that use case, yet  8)
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Yes, not my actual field of work, but ...
Say you want to handle the light switches in buildings within a bigger building complex.
1-10 mm to several hundred meters. Not something that you could handle in Visio.
CAD drawings (Autocad and the like) handle these magnitudes of discrepancies with ease.


They're targeting the astronomy realm of limited, limitless boundaries.  For the abundant glut of users that want to capture the entirety of existence or, at least this universe, but need the ability to zoom in and focus on a fungal infection of the toenail on their left, big toe.  Must be a great demand for this!
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Paul Herber

New subscriber to Visio ...
first opening of the app ...
My God, it's full of stars!

Blue screen of death ...
Ooops, it's gone supernova.
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from PH: 
Quoteit's full of stars!

Really?!?  They're going to have pix of all us??? :o Yes?  No!   :- :(

(Possibly more sarcasm?). Could be.
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