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Master Selectors Section in Shapesheet

Started by Yacine, November 22, 2023, 08:25:08 AM

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Quote from: Yacine on November 23, 2023, 11:37:43 AMWayne, are you the closest to them?
MS Visio developers based in India about decade...
Quote from: David J Parker in his post The First MVP Conference in Hyderabad, IndiaBack in February this year, I reported on the Visio MVPs in Redmond (see ).Well one thing that we learnt back then was that Microsoft had started the transition of the Visio Engineering to Hyderabad in India. Later, Microsoft also announced that the MVP Summits were going to be changed from spring to fall (or autumn if you are not North American). So, this year was to be exceptional because there was going to be two MVP Summits whilst the transition took place. That left the new Visio team in a bit of a quandary : where to hold the fall summit? Redmond, with the rest of the MVP community, or Hyderabad, with just the Visio product team? I was delighted that they took the brave step of holding it in Hyderabad, whilst the rest of the MVPs went to Redmond last year.


Wouldn't know of any indian guy in this forum to send to ask our questions.


Quote from: Yacine on November 23, 2023, 01:23:19 PM
Wouldn't know of any indian guy in this forum to send to ask our questions.
I think Chris (Visio Guy) knows these guys!
QuoteGive us your feedback! Please tell us what you think of the new diagramming and customization tools in the comments below or send feedback via the Visio Feedback portal. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay informed with the latest updates for Visio.
QuoteEmail us at for more detailed questions, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay current on the latest releases.
In TechCommunity blogs you can find ways to contact the developers


Not too far.  Have family plans today... Happy Thanksgiving, all!!!
Visio 2019 Pro


Wish you a happy turkey ... oops I mean a tender turkey  ;)

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