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Master Selectors Section in Shapesheet

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Now that's funny.
Inserting my usual prop and user sections in a shapesheet, I stumbled over the option "Master Selectors".
Tried it out and found the section at the very end of the shapesheet.
And wonder, neither Google nor Bing know anything about it.

It may be a select by master thing and what is that MasterMapping doing?


PS: Visio Plan 2

Visio 2019 Pro: I cant find this section there…

--- Quote ---I stumbled over the option "Master Selectors".
--- End quote ---
What it is?

Right click in empty space of shapesheet - option "insert section" - Master selectors".

... and just found out, that it is enabled for groups, not for virgin regular shapes.

I always suspected you were from alternate universe.  I do not have such a shapesheet option.  Even if I right click -> View, which shows, presumably, all possible shapesheet sections, there is no such option.

Desktop, V2019 Pro.

mind the group remark

and yes, sorry - wasn't it obvious with that avatar?


Nunc illo es amusante.
Inserente mi sectiones usual de prop e user in un shapesheet, io incideva super le option 'Selector de Maestro'.
Io lo tentava e trovava le section al extremo del shapesheet.
E io me demanda, nec Google nec Bing sape ullo de isto.

Pote esser un selecto per maestro e que facer iste 'MasterMapping'?

…e justo discoperiva que illo es habilitate pro gruppos, non pro shapes regular virgin.


 ;)  (I love Chat GPT)


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