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How to grab "Shape Data" value and display it as text on an object?


Hello!! :) :) :)

I am trying to get the PointName to display the current text, but I am unsure of what function can be used.

Would I need to use =SETAREF?
I think I need to use =SHAPETEXT() but I am not sure how

Please see below.


I got it to work by
double clicking the object to edit the text > right click to open up field options > Custom Formula > and then I input
--- Code ---
--- End code ---

Here's a screenshot for what it looks like

If anyone has a different way of solving it, I am curious!

There is a simple way probably, unless I miss the point.  You don't need to open the ShapeSheet.
Instead, use "Insert Field" command on the ribbon, and select the field you want to show as a text.


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