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Changing data graphics width to be less than the shape itself

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When I apply data graphics like data bars or text, the data graphics are typically the width of the shape with no border margin.

I would like to make them a little less wide, to add a 2mm margin so I can add a border around the data graphics (I place them below the shape).

The shapesheet section of a data graphics subshape is impressively complex with lots of user cells and formulas I must say.

What is the most sensible and straightforward way to set data graphics width to be less wide than the shape itself, to be able to add some margin around it?

Thank you for sharing your insights!

I've not really done much with data graphics.   ???    Could you upload a sample shape, for convenience and to insure on same page?

Thank you Wapperdude, I have made a new data graphics example (could not use customer data so using some made up data).

In the Visio file the problem will be evident immediately, the margins are too small the data graphics are too wide.

How to structurally set margins for all data graphics I use is the challenge (I want to change the data graphics, keep the shape the same if possible), more white space between the shape's border and the data graphics looks much nicer.

UGH!    >:(   Not very user friendly to accommodate such a reasonable setting.

In shapesheet of each data graphic shape there are ways to control this.  It is painful, because there is no mechanism to make a global change.  So, the controlling settings seem to be:
1) Width.  The width is controlled by 1 long, cascade of IF's.  Yuck.  But, you could just put a multiplier, e.g., 0.9, times the full IF function. 

But, a better method might be to enter a value in the Prop.msvCalloutPropWidth value cell.  For your example, 2.35 seems reasonable. 

Another shapesheet entry is the User.CalloutMargin.  There is a multiplier at the front of the entry.  Increase that, to say, 1.0.  This does not impact the overall width like the two previous options do, but it does impact the look.

Thank you Wapperdude good to have some options, yes I am not a Visio expert and these formulas are pretty intimidating hard to know where to start.

I will let you know how I get on with this.


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