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Custom line ends

Started by zhuravsky, October 31, 2023, 09:41:14 AM

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Is there any way make custom line end with the behavior like standard ones.
In the attached file custom line end has a problem - size of line end goes to zero when line weight is 0 pt. Is it possible to fix this?



I will look later more in depth at that line end.
Meanwhile you could use the standard line end #20 which seem to be identical to your custom stuff.


I understood the zero-size problem, but what about the scaling is it wanted?
I'm thinking of using 2 different line ends depending on the size of the line.
If (line.weight<1,use(end2), use(end1))


Thanks to Yacine for an idea with "If (line.weight<1,use(end2), use(end1))"

Standard line end 20 is transparent in the middle, this is why I started playing with custom line ends.

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