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Came across interesting question (circular layout)

Started by Nikolay, October 26, 2023, 11:06:15 PM

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Could you explain how the circular layout works?
Below it the gif (I keep deleting the circles by one and run the "circular layout" after each deletion).
Looks like I'm not enlightened enough to understand the logic  :o


After you delete, but before you re-layout, select all shapes, then re-layout. 
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My apologies.  The above was applied to a very irregularly connected diargram.  For a 7 shape diagram, such as the one you post, seems to work just fine, including progressively deleting shapes. I would say that the 4 shape diagram is somewhat disappointing, not what I expected.  But, all the others were quite normal.

Cannot replicate the problem....

It looks like there is an error or bug.  I wonder if this might be associated with non-English versions of Visio.  But, the GIF shows a persist shape at ~45deg  up from the 3 o'clock position.  That is wrong.  When 6 shapes are present, there should be 1 in the center of a nicely formed Pentagon am arrangement of the remaining 5 shapes.  That coincides with the "circular" icon, and is what I get.
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May be they had some japanese guy in the team. He said "F#*$, regular diagrams." (in Japanese)

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