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Visio 365 - Cannot link to the text of a form on another page

Started by Leines, April 30, 2024, 07:53:14 AM

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Hello everyone,
I am currently using Visio 2010 and 365 and I have the following problem which I cannot solve.
My problem is a Visio with the file extension VSDM (Visio365)

I have four pages. On the first page (Projekt-Data) is my "main shape" which I fill with a text. Pages two to four each have a shape that takes the text from the "main shape" on the first page. I have solved this with the formula, which also works perfectly in Visio2010.


The problem now is that when I enter something in my "main shape", it does not transfer the text to the other shapes. Only when I enter it again does it take it over.
However, this only happens with VSDM, as soon as I use VSDX (Visio365) or VSD (Visio2010), for example, it works without any problems.

Does anyone happen to know this error and has a solution? Unfortunately, I need VSDM because I will also have markos running later. But the error is also in a new file without macros.

Thomas Winkel

I cannot help here, but if you provide a minimal example we could verify this issue with our installations.


I cannot address 365 related issues, but, using V2019 Pro, there is no issue with text updating...even after saving as file type vsdm.
Visio 2019 Pro


Quote from: Leines on April 30, 2024, 07:53:14 AMDoes anyone happen to know this error and has a solution? 
Which error do you mean?
Field dont update or you get error in ShapeSheet's cell?


By any chance did you rename the 1st page more than once?  If you did, with the 2nd and subsequent renamings, the page name reference in the formula becomes broken because the correspondence of the local and universal names is no longer linked.  An easily cure issue.
Visio 2019 Pro


The behavior does not seem to be reproducible (see the attached sample - VSDM - updates properly)

Could it be that some macro in the VSDM file prevents the formula from working?


If the problem persists, please upload file that has the issue.
Visio 2019 Pro


Hello everyone,
Thank you very much for your answers.

I have inserted a Visio in the attachment.
Here on the first page is the shape, which I enter the values "Test" for example. This should now be transferred to the shapes on the other pages.
Unfortunately, this does not work with the VSDM, only when I enter the value again.
If you then close the file and open it again, it only works the second time you enter it.

There are currently no macros in the file, this is just a test file where I have only created one shape per page and stored the formula.

I have only renamed the first tab once. I am aware of the bug with multiple renaming. But it should not be the problem here.


Quote from: Nikolay on May 01, 2024, 09:58:34 AMThe behavior does not seem to be reproducible (see the attached sample - VSDM - updates properly)

Could it be that some macro in the VSDM file prevents the formula from working?

that's exactly how my visio is set up. i also have this bug in your visio as soon as i use Visio365.


Right, now I can reproduce it as well.
It happens when you open the for file first time, like you said.
No idea how to fix. File a bug report to Microsoft?

I mean, seriously, you can click "Feedback to Microsoft" button in Visio and describe the problem, probably giving a link to this topic.
They may contact you in a few days/weeks. Even if the fix could take months or years, this could still be helpful for others.


Quote from: Nikolay on May 07, 2024, 10:16:03 AMRight, now I can reproduce it as well.
I use Visio 2019 Professional. I can reproduce it when after changing the text at 1st page, I switch to 2nd page. There I can see updated value in field. But then I switch to 3rd or 4th page where I find old value.

If after changing the text at 1st page, I switch to 3rd or 4th page this issue dont reproduced.  :o

If save document as vsd issue is also not reproduced...


Interesting.  I agree.  There is initial issue with 1st edit in a Visio session, with VSDM, even with desktop V2019 indicated by Surrogate.  It's as though 1st time editing the reference shape, Visio isn't capturing the event.  Open and re-edit the shape, and it's fine.  I can see this on all subsequent pages, Page-2 thru Page-4.

Few more tries...
Sometimes Page-2 updates per Surrogate.  I even saw pages 2 & 4 update, but not page 3. 

Seems, all that is needed to get all pages to update is to merely "wiggle" the reference shape.  Not necessary to edit.

...and another thing,  it's not just text.  Same issue holds true, for example, fill foreground coloring. 
Visio 2019 Pro


...and for kicks, tried this with vsdx.  All same problems exist for this format too.
Visio 2019 Pro

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