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Change the 'green' background on the icon editor

Started by lizat, September 12, 2023, 10:47:17 AM

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Is this possible... my problem is my shape is green and so I need a differnt colour to indicate the background canvas which is transparent

Thank you


You can create picture with size 32x32 in other application and paste it in MS Visio stencil icon editor!


Please note that Visio 2010 (or 2013?) and later use "Live preview" (do not use the "Icon").
I.e. a high-resolution icon image is generated from your shape automatically, there is no point in drawing it using icon editor.


Yes I can see an image, I use 2019, but it is a connector so the line is almost invisible at the size of the icon. I thought I could define an icon and fix it but anyway it seems not I have discovered


I see. I  belive, the icon editor (still) supports only 16 colors. You can pick any of those from the color palette.
The green boxes you see probably just denote the "transparent" color?

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