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Visio Web Tools

Started by Nikolay, September 04, 2023, 11:14:48 AM

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Hi all,

I've got recently a couple of web tools (that do not require Visio to be installed), started a new website here, to collect such things:

--- The first one appeared out of the topic here and aims to extract all media files from a VSDX file:

--- The second one is my old PdfTip tool, available as an in-browse app. It adds tooltips (comments) to a PDF from Visio file:

One of the reasons was to check out the astro framework to build a website (and migrate from wordpress)
My resume - blazing fast, and outstanding overall.

The GitHub source code repository (and issues).

Appreciate your ideas for new tools, that can run completely in a browser, without Visio installed.


Really cool stuff Nikolay 8) interested in understanding how you built this as a web interface.
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The source code is completely open:
Give it a star to show some love :D

The website is built with astro and tailwindcss (old dog learning new tricks, lol) and hosted on GitHub itself for free. If somebody has to pay for the hosting, sites tend to die at some point :D
The .NET code that actually does the work is packed as azure_function (subfolder in the project)

Theoretically, it should be even possible to pack the .net code to run in the browser directly now (using webassembly), but I just don't know how to do it yet.



Not really, that "online macro store" idea was, for the offline (desktop) Visio, somewhat similar to the Script Lab, but for Visio.
But that would require plenty of efforts for a tiny community, IMHO. Maybe when I retire.

To make it at least somewhat popular, it needs to contain something that can be used by a wider audience,
like shapes that are free to use, and can be easily uploaded/searched. The interest in the code may be very limited.

Also, that idea would require some sort of online database that needs to be hosted somewhere.


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