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Tapering lines for biological diagrams

Started by along, August 14, 2023, 02:26:00 PM

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I had to make a rough diagram of cross sections of the lungs, and I "discovered" the option to use tapering custom line patterns, which I think turned out quite well, so I just wanted to share the thought.

I used two versions of tapering custom line patterns, with a different degrees of tapering of the parallelogram of the line pattern, and for my needs it sufficed.

So, I hope it help someone!   (I got so much from this forum, and I don't have many questions of giving back).

A question which crossed my mind and I didn't know if possible - can I modify the shape sheet values of a shape inside the custom line pattern based on the thickness ultimately selected for the line? I wanted all blood vessels to end in the same width, but to start at a different width, so I needed to control the position of the right side of the parallelogram based on the thickness of the line.

If someone have any idea of how to do that - I'd be very appreciative. (I don't need it for this diagram, but I like creating custom line patterns, and it'd be great to know).

Thanks for everything!


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