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Deselect shape after hyperlink

Started by CaptainCalamari, July 24, 2023, 08:15:24 AM

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Hello all!

I have a lot of shapes that are linked to Documents (sharepoint - hyperlink), or other shapes.
First question: is it possible to find a workaround so leftcklick alone will follow the hyperlink (instead of ctrl + leftlick)?

The more pressing issue: after following a Link, the shape stays selected. In order to follow another Link, the (last) shape needs to be deselected, for example just clicking somewehere else, or esc. Id like to to it automatically.

Any smart solutions?

Tanks a lot in advance,


If you dont mind using a double click you could put a macro behind (jump to hyperlink + deselect)


If you open a hyperlink when clicking a shape, how do you select a shape then?
Are you talking about Visio desktop, or Visio in the browser?


Quote from: CaptainCalamari on July 24, 2023, 08:15:24 AM
First question: is it possible to find a workaround so leftcklick alone will follow the hyperlink (instead of ctrl + leftlick)?
Left click is a core Visio behavior.  Not sure it is redefine-able.  Even if possible, strongly recommend against doing it because that would create havoc with all other users.

QuoteId like to to it automatically.
This probably requires a macro to implement.

QuoteAny smart solutions?
Keep as is.  Nothing comes to mind that has any meritable benefit.  The dbl click that Yacine suggests is most direct alternative.
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Big thanks to everyone for their input.

The shape selection thing occurs only in the desktop version, online you can immediately ctrl + leftclick on another shape with a hyperlink, without having to deselect the first shape - as Nikolay pointed out. I did not know that.

This solves my problem already, since people looking at the file will do so online. If I ever need to solve this also on the desktop-version ill try to solve it with a macro.

Thanks and all the best!


If you are building a sort of navigation board for users, you could check out my Diagram Frame - it's an improvement to the built-in Visio File Viewer.
With that, you can remove the diagram borders and make navigation on single-click without control key (to have single-click navigation, the shapes must have only one default hyperlink and enable that using "Enable Navigation")

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