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Visio PdfTip Add-In as a web service

Started by Nikolay, June 27, 2023, 02:58:58 PM

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Exposed my Visio PdfTip add-in as a website (updating PDF with tooltips from Visio)

What was amazing for me:
The website (i.e. frontend) was created 90% with ChatGTP4, with "prompt engineering", or whatever it's called, when you tell that thing what to do. And it does :)
It even wrote most of the text for it. Drag-n-drop for example, buttons, inputs - all build with ChatGPT.

The backend is from the Visio PdfTip Add-In as-is more or less, just added minimal parsing of VSDX Visio files.
In the online version, only tooltips for top-level shapes are added, as no recalculation happens inside, it's just reading the plain XML.

Browser ID: smf (possibly_robot)
Templates: 4: index (default), Display (default), GenericControls (default), GenericControls (default).
Sub templates: 6: init, html_above, body_above, main, body_below, html_below.
Language files: 4: index+Modifications.english (default), Post.english (default), Editor.english (default), Drafts.english (default).
Style sheets: 4: index.css, attachments.css, jquery.sceditor.css, responsive.css.
Hooks called: 146 (show)
Files included: 32 - 1207KB. (show)
Memory used: 1003KB.
Tokens: post-login.
Cache hits: 13: 0.00119s for 26,764 bytes (show)
Cache misses: 2: (show)
Queries used: 15.

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