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Smart shape works in one drawing is broken in another.

Started by SwimBikeWalk, June 27, 2023, 07:12:35 PM

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I have a smart shape for wire tags that works in our engineered drawings but when I tried to open it in a blank page to make some shape sheet adjustments in comes in broken. The shape also seems to break, or at least the icon does, if I drag it into a new stencil.


Hi, can you share you smart shape?
It's hard to give advice with just a photo...


Perhaps a description of how this is used / how it is supposed to be used?  What you mean by "broken"?  Plus a 2nd upload with a good, working example?

Ed.:  6/28/2023
Explored your upload a little.  The top level grp shape has Shape Data definitions.  If each of these is addressed, everything seems to fill in, textually, as shown in "good" shape.  What is different is the line outline of the textboxes.  Textbox, btw, is just a regular shape with linewidth=0. 

Other than that, what's broken?
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