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Shape protection against selection breaks screentips?

Started by orsmo, May 05, 2023, 05:45:08 PM

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I've made a diagram with a nice VBA+ActiveX Control interface.  I want to lock that drawing down so that users can't select the shapes and move things around and so on.  I only want them to make changes via the UI I've built, so I've selected all the shapes and enabled protections for most things from the Developer tab > Protections interface, then gone into the Drawing Explorer and enabled Shape protection on the document.  That works mostly as expected.  Users can no longer select the shapes.  The problem is that this seems to also disable screentips I've set on the shapes.  It's as if enabling protection against selection disables detection of hover, so the screentips can't activate.

To narrow down the problem, I've verified that enabling only the "From selection" protection on the shape and enabling "Shape" protection on the document causes this behavior.  Enabling only "From selection" on the object but not "Shape" protection at the document level allows the screentips to work, but lets the user actually select the object still.  Similarly, enabling "Shape" protection but not "From selection" protection allows the screentips to work, but the object can still be selected.

Does anyone have any idea how to disable selection of a shape but still have it's screentip work?

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