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Using Fill Patterns with Data Graphics Color By Value

Started by Palouse, April 11, 2023, 10:26:12 PM

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I tried referencing the information in this post:
... and also this web page:

I also posted a question on SuperUser, which has yet to receive any answers or comments.

I am painfully aware that the need for asking this question comes from a lack of experience and understanding about how the ShapeSheet works. I've been trying to read up on it the past few weeks and experimenting with solving this problem without asking a question, but haven't been able to.

Background: I am trying to link data from excel to a template in Viso that depicts the layout of an orchard and the species and variety planted. I am using Advanced Data Graphics --> Color By Value to apply a color to each plant based on a value in the spreadsheet, this has worked perfectly so far.

Problem: I would also like to apply a fill pattern to each shape based on a separate value from the spreadsheet.

For example, if the plant has a "Bi-axis" training style, it would have a green fill. If it is "Dead" it would have a crosshatch pattern (04).

From what I understand, the Fill Format cells on the ShapeSheet are automatically populated by the formulas in User-defined Cells, is this correct?

1) I am not sure of which cell in the Shape Sheet to enter the formula and also the proper syntax of the formula.
2) Is the "User.visDGCBVFill" cell the same cell I would enter the argument for the background pattern? Would it be nested within the existing formula?
3) Last, will the Legend update with the new background patterns?

I am happy to upload example pictures or specific examples from my project if it helps.

I am using Visio 2019 Professional


Sorry, I have no time to elaborate on the solution, but watch the shapesheets of the shapes and the page in the attached drawing. I hope they are self explanatory.
Key points:
- Central list options at page level
- Targeting 3 fields in the shapes fillforegnd, fillbkgnd and pattern.
- User cells to get the color and pattern values from the props of the shape and the page.



Quote from: Yacine on April 12, 2023, 10:43:01 AM
Sorry, I have not time to elaborate on the solution, but watch the shapesheets of the shapes and the page in the attached drawing.

Much appreciated! I will give it an in-depth look today!

Thank you

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