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Save Custom Centerpoint to Stencil

Started by eric_the_red, April 14, 2023, 05:44:15 PM

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I am creating an architectural elevation and want to show a TV and a mount. We use this mount in a lot of elevations so I want the shape to be always available from my stencils. I downloaded the CAD file and modified it in AutoCAD so the scale was correct and removed all non-appropriate shape data.  I then imported it into Visio (I have O365 Plan 2 for a version), then proceeeded to create custom connection points at the midpoints, corners, center, etc for snapping dimension shapes.  I then saved the imported CAD shape to a new shape in one of my stencils.  So far that is working as expected, however, the centerpoint on the shape is incorrect when I drag it into my page.  I edited the master shape to correct the certerpoint and saved the shape and stencil, but when re-drop the shape, the centerpoint is back to it's original (wrong) position.

Is there a way to save the new centerpoint location in the stencil?


The procedure is...
1) rt click the stencil name and make stencil editible
2) rt click the master shape and select Edit Master > Edit Master Shape.  This will open editing window for the shape.
3) rt click the shape and open the shapesheet. Edit the LocPinX and LocPinY values as desired.  Clsoe the shapesheet window.
4) close the shape drawing window.  You will be asked if you want to update the Master.  Select YES.
5) Save the stencil.  It will now become available for future uses with updated master.

Note, already placed versions of the master are unaffected.  To update existing placement, the Master shape on the Document Stencil must be updated.
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Yeah, so my centerpoint is correct from within the shape. Shape sheet for the shape indicates it's in the correct position.  But for some reason the centerpoint is back to a different point once I re-drop it on the page after saving.


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