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An error (318) occurred during the action Drop On Stencil.

Started by Visisthebest, March 09, 2023, 07:35:30 PM

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For a group shape that is not or has been a container, I get this weird error:

An error (318) occurred during the action Drop On Stencil.
Referenced cell User.msvSDContainerNoRibbon does not exist.

Even if I create this named user section row in the shape, which is nonsensical as this is not a Container nor does it have any other container user section rows., still I get the same error.

Any ideas about how to fix this error are much appreciated!
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Quote from: Visisthebest on March 09, 2023, 07:35:30 PMAny ideas about how to fix this error are much appreciated!
Very old blog post Error #318 Explained.
I made my solution, which fix this error (or rather one of the causes of this error), you can read about it there.

There we also have same discussion: SETATREF with Shape Data causing Error 318...


Thank you Surrogate will try to see if I can fix it this way!
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Surrogate it is clear that the issue is indeed formulas in the document's shapesheet that shape cells are referring to, but this time the issue is with a twist.

Somehow between the current document that has been extensively changed and the current stencil that has been extensively changed (meaning user section cells have been added and removed and changed their contents several times as shapes were developed), something between the document and the stencil is mismatching.

If I move the shapes either in to a clean document or in to a clean stencil (just one of them), the issue just disappears. In this case Visio seems to be holding on to old information about the shapes and the documents, as the user section cells that were the problem were removed (and the references in the shape cells to them were removed as well of course), yet in the old document and stencil the issue cannot be resolved. Some old information seems to be sticking around, in the document stencil masters maybe? (I have not edited document stencil masters directly, but I have dragged in updated masters from the stencil frequently).

Only when either a fresh new stencil and/or document is used, Error 318 disappears.
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