How to call out simple connection line instead of dynamic connector

Started by mk, March 14, 2023, 03:27:10 AM

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Dear all,

When I draw connection line in Visio 2021, I need a simple connection line when clicking the icon Connection line. It also has two-ended connectors, so when connected with other shape and the shape moves, it move accordingly.

But I don't want it be a dynamic connector (intelligient connecting line), since:
1. dynamic connector can change to a lot of line shapes (by draging the points framed in attached), but in my diagram, I don't want it change it's shape(although the end position may be changed) after I draw it. I need a connection line, which looks like a straight line or a simple polyline with at most two right-angle turn. 

2. I want the connecting point fixed at the postion I drew. That mean, I don't need the auto-connection function of dynamic connector, whih is good for flow chart and not for logic diagram.
I know this can be realized by connecting to point instead of shape, but I need the connection line to directly realize this.

Actually, this line is not my imagination. I used it for a long time. But several days ago, it changes to dynamic connector.
How to change back? Could you give me some hint?

Best regards,


Sorry Eva, This is not fully clear yet.

Here are some thoughts.

You can use a "special" shape, that is a 1D-group-shape, without own geometry section, but with a embeded "polyline", so that it either straight or with 2 bends.
Similar to the ones shown in this post:

The thing I don't get, is why you don't want regular connectors.

If you don't want them to re-route freely, you can "fix" them.
Several methods:
1. Set up a custom ribbon and add the "fix connector" to it. The use it on a per case basis. (see attached picture)
2. Modify the shapesheet and save the connector in a stencil (picture)
3. Use a macro which calls: shp.Cells("ConFixedCode").FormulaU = "2"



Thank you for your methods!
If further clarify my goal, that is: I don't want the lines to turn around here and there. I only want the figue's line simple with at most two corners, and the line is alway horizontal and vertical. And the connecting line should not be connected to shape.

I tried method 2 to change the ConFixedCode to 2. Then I find maybe this one is too fixed :). It's not flexible when shapes moves. I will keep it still 0. For method one, it has same effect with method 2.

And now, I think maybe I can accept the dynamic line a little. Maybe it change back to previous simple connector one day magically  ;)
As you remind, I saved one in my stencil, with only one right-angle corner. Then when I drag it from the stencil,at least, its default shape is what I want. And when sticking to shape, I should make sure the line connects to connecting point instead of shape.

In future, I'll try the Macro method.
Thanks a lot!