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Disappearing arrowheads when printing an HTML page with SVG created by MS Visio

Started by Pradeep Pant, February 28, 2023, 11:34:38 AM

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Pradeep Pant

Steps to reproduce:
Create an SVG file with a connector with arrowheads with MS-Visio 2016/2019 and the file is inserted into an HTML page with the tag.
The content of the HTML page (with included SVG) is displayed correctly in the browser itself (both Chrome and Edge).
But when this same HTML page is printed in the Chrome/Edge browser, the arrowheads do disappear (are distorted) in the print as soon the SVG file has been positioned on the 2nd page and/or further pages. The arrowheads are only printed correctly if the Visio SVG file is on the first page of the print of the HTML file.

Check the SOF link for sample code and example:

You can see the print output of the sample code below:

This buggy behavior is only with SVG files created with Visio and it is not present with SVG files created by similar diagram software (e.g. drawio

Looking for suggestions to resolve this.



This has been answered on stackoverflow - it's a Chrome bug (fixed in Chrome DEV build now), not related to Visio.

Pradeep Pant

Thanks, Nikolay for your reply. As mentioned in my post I've already filed a bug with the chromium dev team but the bug is still open.
Can you please share the link to the chrome dev build so that I can test this?

You can check here

Thanks again for your time!


Ah sorry my bad, I misread the stackoverflow issue, read "fixed" instead of "filed". I just thought you maybe did not check it for a long time :)

Pradeep Pant

No worries :-)
Today I've filed a bug with chrome also.

Let me know in case you get some pointers.

Thanks again for your time!

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