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Visio 2010 - R-click > bullets: no bullets in panels.

Started by robertnp, February 19, 2023, 06:50:37 AM

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Hi Guys,

I haven't used my Visio very much lately (recently retried), but today went to add a bullet to a line of text in a standard box-shape and the above happened.  I know it has worked in the past and I have switched to different bullets in the past. 

Bullets are working as expected in Word.

Uninstalled MS Office 2010 Plus 64bit and Visio.  Reinstalled.  Same behaviour.

Checked some older .vsd files and it present in them too.  So it looks a setting or a link has come "unglued" but I can't find anything I could try to see if it fixes it

Any suggestions, please.

My PC ThinkCentre M720_SFF has 24 GB RAM and all drives are SSDs.

Thank you


P.S.  It is working fine on my portable.  Just the desktop Visio has lost its "marbles".


I had a quick look in Google for your problem. Found only Word having similar problems. No other hint.
Till someone else finds a solution you may help yourself with custom bullets.

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