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Can't get SETATREF() to do this with external data (in shape data cell)

Started by Visisthebest, February 14, 2023, 05:17:21 PM

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Quote from: Visisthebest on February 15, 2023, 04:30:58 PM
Thank you Wapperdude good to know what is possible with the shape text 'field'!
But keep in mind
Quote from: MS in article addcustomfieldUsing the AddCustomFieldU method is similar to clicking Field on the Insert tab and inserting a custom formula field in text. To add any other type of field (not custom), use the AddField method.


For the curious, back in 2014 I did comparison of field vs shape text, for fun...must've been bored.  See the 4th reply in this topic:
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If I still have someone's attention...
New file that shows various coding techniques to add text to shape.  Mainly, the focus was on adding (inserting) field text as this creates an addressable shapesheet entry point (cell).  There are 3 shapes and 3 macros.  Each shape started as a simple, blank rectangle.  The macros did the rest of the work.

There are two take-aways.  One, it is possible to write text to a cell and have it displayed.  Two, regular shape text is much more user friendly wrt editing / formatting the text.  Field text can be embellished, but is not nearly as flexible and easy to manipulate.
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Very useful Wapperdude thank you, on double-click on a shape you can show a pop up text editor to the user which is user-friendly enough.
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