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Designing Custom ribbons with custom icons

Started by 2020Visio!, October 01, 2015, 07:08:27 PM

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I would like to make my own custom ribbon with custom icons.

I can only find old information about this:


Is this still valid and the best way to make a custom ribbon with custom icons for Visio 2016?

Thank you for your help!



Where do you want your custom ribbon to appear and what will it do?

Normally the answer is a code based one.  If you're producing a VSTO Addin then there's a Ribbon item template or designer that will help you.

You can also add a custom tab and items using VBA see:
If you want to use existing Office controls then you can look up the respective control ids (idMso) here:  I don't think you're able to use custom images without code.

And for icons you can download and (slowly) browse the builtin icons Office 2010 Add-In: Icons Gallery (I'm not aware of a newer version)

Hope that helps.

Best regards

John Goldsmith - Visio MVP

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