Where to get sample Visio diagrams?

Started by Nikolay, January 30, 2023, 12:33:43 PM

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I'm looking for some relatively big sample visio diagrams.
A bunch of OrgChart diagrams, or process map diagrams would be great. Do you know any source where I can get something like this?

I'm looking for something like 2-5 diagrams that are "connected" to each other using some logic (hyperlinks for example),
each having something like 2-5 pages, with something like 10-30 meaningful shapes on each page.

I've seen many companies which use Visio usually have diagram sets like this, but these may come under NDA and cannot be used publicly.

I was thinking, maybe "Consoso" (Microsoft demo organization) has some diagrams?
Other than that I've tried to use fake hierarchy (tree) data generators (like generatedata or faker, but that requires some efforts, and I'm too lazy)
Anyway, best shot for now, achieved some moderate success with auto-generating some fake org charts with a few hundreds of fake people..

Appreciate any ideas regarding where to get some test/demo set like this?

I've come across a bunch of diagrams below, but again it's messy. It would be great to get some sort of "organized package".


Quote from: Nikolay on January 30, 2023, 12:33:43 PM
I'm looking for some relatively big sample visio diagrams.
Why don't you ask this guy ?
Quote from: BPM wrote in the post writtenThere is another approach when the schemes are drawn by ordinary users, participants in the same process.
A simple notation is chosen, for example, EPC: it has only two workFlow icons, an operation and an event (plus three operators and, or, xor), a corporate template is drawn up (more often they take a similar scheme and redo it for their process), a simple manual is written (an agreement on modeling) and provides advisory support and norms control (ideally automatic) drawn. Drawn in visio.


I want these diagram(s) to be publicly available, i.e. not something that is for "internal use only" in some organization, and to look more or less "realistic" at the same time, so to say. I'll try though :)


I guess the samples bundle with visio are not what you are looing for?

google visio diagrams   ...look at images.....that might help


Correct, I'm looking for something a bit bigger (like ten times bigger) than the bundled-in templates.


Setting up some bigger sample charts is relatively easy with the help of Kaggle.
But I guess you want real world examples - no blind data.
What about graphs from official government sites?


Yacine, Thank you for Kaggle idea! Will look at it.
Maybe any thoughts by which keyword to search there, or maybe you have something specific in mind?

For now I've tried GenerateData, it has an option to create hierarchy (i.e. you can specify random number of "subordinates" for org chart, allows sort of random family tree),
But it's still just a single data set generated, and you have to make diagram-to-diagram connections yourself after generation :/


I have played with some data.
Baby and family names to get persons for org charts.
I had also the analysis of chopping carts
Pokemon characters --> very good for Visio --> Hierarchy and automatic generation of cards
Shakespear works --> automated scripts done in Visio (https://visguy.com/vgforum/index.php?topic=9883.0)

PS: Use the dataset search


Here's an automation example with Python (Jupyter Lab)

ipynb is readable by Visual Code