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Adjusting width only of large drawing for printing

Started by StayCee72, January 23, 2023, 11:11:44 PM

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Hi!  I have an extremely detailed marketing architecture drawing that is currently about 58" square.  I am looking to get it printed on a dry erase board, however would like the width to be closer to 100", which will leave room for us to write notes, work out changes, etc as the year goes on.   We would like the height to remain at 58".   Can someone please ELI5 how to do this?    Thanks!


Try export your drawing to PDF and print this PDF-document...


Quote from: Surrogate on January 24, 2023, 04:31:15 AM
Try export your drawing to PDF and print this PDF-document...

I tried that but stretching it to double the width creates a blurry mess.   I am looking for a way to quickly and easily adjust only the width of the artwork file (making the horizontal connectors longer?) in order to achieve the look that I need.

Any suggestions?


Bit confused with your horizontal stretching requirement as there are a couple ways to interpret what you stated.

You need/desire a file version that is 100" wide.  How to get there is the issue???
1) Are you sending this out for printing to post a hard copy?
2) Can your dry erase board read / display a file and you need a file to cover 100" width?
3) Do you have a large format printer capable of this large size and you need to modify the file?
4) How to modify the file?...
    a) do you want to stretch existing file such that everything gets stretched horizontally?
    b) do you want to expand the file, keeping everything sized as is (undistorted), but create "white space' for future drawing growth/additions?

Please clarify.  Thanks.
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