Combo Boxes For Selector List

Started by OldDogNewVisio, January 16, 2023, 01:01:01 PM

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I think the point of having SharePoint is not to pay for Visio because you get the diagram view experience for free, and directly in the browser.
So "opening the file in Visio" just to view it does not seem to make sense.


Thank you all very much for your patience and assistance.  I really do appreciate it.

"Both of these interact.  The OP, as I it, is allowing the User direct access to Visio.  Visio is serving in a Directory function.  The User determines which organization he's interested in (either via prior knowledge or by checking the org chart) and then uses that info with a drop down list in a combo box to get a specific contact point.

For the OP, the problem is displaying the specific contact point information."

As far as I understand, most users (viewers) view the file on the SharePoint website directly. They never open Visio. Only the editor does.

BINGO!!!!  That is what I'm trying to say. 

The users opening our SharePoint site don't have to open VISIO to get there, nor do they have the ability to make any changes.  It is purely a facade, due to lack of a better term on my part. 

I don't have a choice on whether to use VISIO on the SharePoint.  All of the organizations in this division do it this way with success.  I haven't been able to find anyone within the company with experience to show me how to do it so I'm reaching out here. 

If this is of any value, I have been able to create some functionality with the VISIO site, such as adding hyperlinks to the names in the org chart that launch Outlook for email messaging so I know it is possible to add functionality to VISIO and have it work. 

What I'm trying to get to is what VBA code do I need to write and in which tab of the "Document Code" window to make the dropdown list work.  I already have the first half of the dropdown list working so I can't imagine the second half, the selection of the names, should be that difficult, or am I just delusional?????

Thank you again.
I may be an Old Dog, but I'm willing to learn new tricks!!


This may be a misunderstanding. VBA code does not work in a web browser. Any VBA code.
Meaning, whatever you do using VBA, it won't work in SharePoint.
The VBA controls also won't work in a web browser, they will be displayed as pictures.