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Specifying individual connector line jumps

Started by YossiD, January 01, 2023, 04:13:47 PM

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Other than breaking a connector line into pieces, is there a way to specify individual connector line jumps? Sometimes the available options are not sufficient, especially when jumps are very close together.


Not that I'm aware of.  Two options:
1) my preference is the "dotless" convention.  That is, no four way connections allowed.  If two (or more) lines cross, by definition they are not connected.  If they are connected, then there has to be an obvious termination in the flow.  By design, then, all connections are obvious and no connection dots required.  Thus, crossing lines can remain straight with no jumps needed.

2) place a "fat" dummy line stub behind the multiple lines, such that the line with the jump sees the wide piece and has alonger, single hope.  You can put the stub on a bone mewing layer.
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