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ShapeSheet Row Self Reference

Started by thekingofspain, December 22, 2022, 06:56:11 PM

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I am trying create a generic shapesheet formula that uses the current row's index.  The theory is that the current row's index can be used to reference another row by a given offset or to calculate some magic number.

In the UML Sequence template's UML Actors shape, the Connection Points Y formulas are a series of hard coded formulas that I would to convert to a single formula that uses the current row's row index.  Thus one can just copy and paste the existing formula to a new row when an additional connection point is needed on the shape.

Row 1.Y      = IF(Controls.Row_1.Y<-6.35 mm,-6.35 mm,Controls.Row_1.Y)
Row 2.Y      = IF(Controls.Row_1.Y<-12.7 mm,-12.7 mm,Controls.Row_1.Y+MODULUS(ABS(Controls.Row_1.Y),6.35))
Row 100.Y  = IF(Controls.Row_1.Y<-635 mm,-635 mm,Controls.Row_1.Y+MODULUS(ABS(Controls.Row_1.Y),6.35))

To something like
Row n.Y     = IF(Controls.Row_1.Y< thisRow.Index * User.ConnectionPointWidth < thisRow.Index * User.ConnectionPointWidth, Controls.Row_1.Y+MODULUS(ABS(Controls.Row_1.Y), User.ConnectionPointWidth))

Is such a thing possible directly or indirectly via the default row name?




I see two ways:
1. using VBA code to fill in these lines (the easiest way)
2. using the CONCATENATE function in Excel, generate a long formula that will correct the formulas in these 100 cells.


I just used excel as a hack to create 100 fixed formulas and then created 100 rows via in visio via menus clicks (only accidently deleted the connection points section once) and then performed a 100 copy & pastes.  However I would like to leverage the shapesheet itself going forward.

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