Vienna Christmas Markets

Started by Nikolay, November 17, 2022, 02:58:11 PM

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Vienna Christmas Markets with links to their sites and opening/closing times.
Most of them open this week.

(image clickable)

The source Visio diagram:

Paul Herber

We are planning to go here again this year:
A little bit closer than Wien but still begins with a W.
Let's call it Wienchester, then we'll have a win-win situation!

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Christmas Market...I was unfamiliar with the term.  How totally cool.  Dating back to the 1300's.  Grand traditions and heritage.
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BTW, there is one special one, "medieval" (lasts a few days, 1-4 December),
where the ppl actually dress in medieval robes, sell medieval stuff, do fire shows, roast pigs on spits, etc

Forgot to add btw, will do  :)

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