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Title: Helping users use the right metric or US/inch-based stencil
Post by: Visisthebest on January 01, 2021, 01:41:02 PM
Based on this article:

My idea to help users use the right stencil on the right page (metric or inch-based scale) is to check both PageScale and DrawingScale for units used and warn the user he/she's using the wrong stencil for the specific page. (pages that use different units in PageScale and DrawingScale will always give a warning as this is a weird edge case, these diagrams are custom flowcharts not floor maps or something where scaling matters).

Is this an ok approach?

Will use stencil names with _M and _U suffixes of course but idea is to capture a user using the wrong stencil in case he/she's somehow is able to open the 'wrong' stencil for the wrong page (metric/inch-based mismatch). Or does this really not matter, in which case I'm worried for nothing.