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Title: Font does not properly display when Visio exports to PDF
Post by: tjdickinson on January 23, 2017, 10:49:40 AM
In my Visio Professional 2016 organization chart, I have chosen to use the Essonnes Text font, which I procured through Adobe TypeKit and have since installed directly to my system (rather than it just being synced through TypeKit). However, when I export the Visio document to PDF, whether I use the "export" option or "Save As' a .PDF, the fonts go away...sort of.

In the screenshot taken within Acrobat DC Pro, you can see the appearance of the font (contrasted to the appearance of the font in the Visio screenshot); but the Acrobat screenshot also shows the text selected in the Edit PDF tool, and it correctly identifies as Essonnes Text. Running Acrobat Preflight suggests that the fonts are not embedding into the PDF, which may be a licensing discrepancy with Adobe TypeKit fonts.

Either way, not only is Acrobat an Adobe software (so it has access to the TypeKit fonts), but I am also viewing the PDF on the same system from which it was exported, meaning that the font is installed anyways. From what I understand, embedding the font is basically a safeguard so that if the file is opened on a system on which the font is not installed, then the PDF still displays correctly. But if the font is installed on the system, then the file should still display properly, right? Maybe I'm wrong.

I don't know if this is an issue with Acrobat or with Visio, but I thought I'd ask the pros here, in case it is a Visio problem after all. System specs are in the signature. Thanks for your help!
Title: Re: Font does not properly display when Visio exports to PDF
Post by: wapperdude on January 23, 2017, 08:47:23 PM
Why not use True Type fonts, e.g., Times New Roman...or something similar to that you show?  Export Visio to pdf can be a problem at times.  Search the forum. 

Title: Re: Font does not properly display when Visio exports to PDF
Post by: tjdickinson on January 24, 2017, 08:44:16 AM
The honest answer is because I chose a font I like based on its appearance. But let's say for the sake of the thread and trying to find a resolution to the problem (so others can benefit) that I'm obligated to the font. So, changing it isn't an option, and I need to be able to provide a PDF of the org chart. The more complicated workaround is what I'm already doing: exporting to SVG, and editing it completely in Adobe Illustrator, whence I can export it to PDF without a problem. (NB: Because Illustrator exports successfully to PDF, I'm inclined to think the font problem must have something to do with Visio's side of things.) But what if I don't have Illustrator? Or, in general, there must surely be a simpler workaround or solution to the problem.
Title: Re: Font does not properly display when Visio exports to PDF
Post by: wapperdude on January 24, 2017, 11:42:15 AM
 ;)  We all have our favorite fonts, so I get that.   Also, I would be surprised if there were compatibility issues between Adobe products, so would expect good communication between Illustrator and PDF. 

If you search the forum, there is a history of users having difficulties going from Visio to PDF.  Not always successfully resolved.  Some members have a preferred, 3rd party converter.  I've had cases where one page of Visio file just won't convert while all the others do.  My conclusion, there has not been a 100% successful methodology within Visio.  It might be the Visio internal structure is not fully, easily compatible with PDF.

Having said all of that, decisions of preference may have to give way to decisions of expedience.  Some Visio choices may be  less amenable to PDF conversions than others. 

Your work-around technique ought to be of value to those who have those tools available.  The forum has additional work-around solutions.