Re-Install not working after Visio crash and reinstallation

Started by JMcIntoshPVdesign, November 01, 2022, 03:32:30 PM

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Hi,  SuperUtilities user.  Visio crashed hard and I had to repair/reinstall Visio.  Re ran SuperUtilities installer.  It finishes but the Add On is not installed.  To add to the frustrations I am on a 'managed' corporate computer.  Can you give me some hints as to what i should be looking for to verify the installation and get it installed properly?

Thanks in advance for your (and everyone else's) assistance.  JMc

Paul Herber

Hi there, uninstalling and reinstalling Visio addons is not so simple.
1. Ensure Visio is closed.
2. Windows -> Start -> Settings -> Apps ->
and scroll down to VSU, there will be one or two entries. Both need to be removed.
3. Now install VSU.
4. Restart Visio and the 2nd part of the installation will happen.

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