Strange behaviour of connectors

Started by TwoBeAss, September 29, 2022, 06:49:37 AM

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Hey everybody...

I am a drawer of technichal schematics and i recently switched to Visio. Featurewise its a great benefit for me (Using yed in prior) but i see some really strange behaviour of connectors. If i just draw connections from one stencil to the other, my connectors keep crossing and using the badest way possible. Is this behaviour "normal" or am i doing something wrong ? At the moment i have to touch every connector multiple times to have them aligned right!

Thanks for any tip, that points me in the right direction!



It is standard Visio behaviour  :-X
Real pain !


Yes, it is unfortunately the default behaviour.
And I wouldn't know of a setting to avoid it.

Two options:
- Move the connectors to where you want them to be. But this will break as soon as you need to modify parts of your drawing.
- Better option - use an intermediate shape consisting of a line with evenly distributed connection points. Then connect each source shape to the according point on the line and from this line to the target. This way you can vary afterward the pitch of the sources or the targets and adjust smoothly the bending points.

The intermediate line would of course need to be put on a non-printable layer or hidden otherwise.

PS: Thinking of it, this could even be automated via macro.


Really like this idea of a "helping" line to connect to, but i fear of getting other problems with this "solution"

Is it somehow possible to remove this line and make the two corresponding connectos acting as one in the end ?

Thanks for your help!


third option
- works if you have known number of channels
- make a shape that is a group of connectors.  Then can equally space as needed

use shape data and right click to adjust attributes

see attached