Possible to edit Dynamic Connector to include 2 text fields

Started by michaelj1103, September 12, 2022, 08:56:22 PM

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Was wondering if it is possible to edit the master Dynamic Connector to include a second text field.

I've found a stencil that is a modified dynamic connector that includes two text fields, but I'm curious if that could be implemented into the default dynamic connector.

My goal is to have two text fields, one on each side of the connector showing the same text.



Dynamic connector (default) is shape, not group shape!
Shape can have single text box.


Draw a connector on a blank page
Open the document stencil, there will be a standard connector master.
Open the connector master by a double click
Select the connector, go to "groups" in the menu and choose "transform into group"
Having the connector selected, open the context menu (right mouse click) and choose "open group"
Insert 2 boxes and format as needed
close the group, then the master.
Now when you draw a new connector, the standard connector with its two boxes will be used as master.