Exporting to PNG adds extra whitespace around canvas?

Started by jthawken, September 09, 2022, 09:46:26 PM

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Hello friends, I really hope I can get some help on this one.

I have a 4" x 3" image that has text about 1/32" below the edge of the background (which is my exported area). When the text is in the desired location and I export the image to PNG using the exact size of my background, Visio adds about 1/4" of white space on the top and about 1/8" on each side (see attached "TEST_EDGE.png"). However, when I move that text down about 1/4" from where I need it, the export comes out fine, i.e. no white space around the image (see attached "TEST_LOWER.png"). Then, as I move the text up little by little, the whitespace around the exports gets bigger and bigger. In "Fonts">"Text Block" I have zeroed out all the margins, in "Fonts" > "Paragraph" I have zeroed out all indentations. I have even set the "Line Spacing" to 100% instead of the default 120%. Still no change. I have also confirmed that there are no other graphical elements in the project.

Can anyone help me out on this issue? I thank you for your time.


I have a same problem and it is driving me nuts :-\

I haven't found solution, but this is what I figured out so far:

  • This problem occurs only when there is text (shape with text, just text, multiple text, etc. - whenever there is text involved, there is problem), no text - no problems.
    Changing Font - Paragraph and Text block settings doesn't help.

Anyone found solution to this problem?


Just tried this on my laptop, Windows11, Visio2019 Pro, both 64Bit.  I remember this issue from the past, but, now, everything seems to be fine.  No white collar around the image.

Attached Visio file, 1st page is the original test drawing.  The 2nd page is the inserted, exported PNG file.  No white collar/ring/border.  The 2nd attachment is the PNG file resulting from exporting.
Visio 2019 Pro


You dont have any large text in your visio drawing.
I edited your drawing   (see atachment)
And after that it adds extra white borden when exporting png.