Excel file is downloading by Chrome from exported/saved HTML file

Started by bobotheclown, September 07, 2022, 09:44:15 AM

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Howdy all

I've inherited a Visio based system that has been saved as HTML & used as a series of linked web pages; while I've been in IT for years never used Visio worth a damn.

One of the pages in this system has a link to a Excel spreadsheet (actually a macro spreadsheet with an XLSM extn).  When this link is clicked within the browser (Chrome) it downloads the file which then has to be opened as a local file, this is not the action we need.  We require all users to open a common file from a share, the file must not be downloaded & actioned locally.

Looking at the webpage I see the verb being used is file://.  The relevant part of the data.xml file that underlies this page follows:

                        <HLURL:Hyperlinks xmlns:HLURL="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:visio:dghlinkext">
                           <HLURL:Hyperlink ID="1">
                              <HLURL:Description>File Description</HLURL:Description>

I've read around a bit about a few different ways of achieving what I need if I was coding this by hand but as this system needs to be maintained in Visio I'm looking for a way to do this natively in Visio; statically embedding the file is not an option.

So anyone got a suggestion/recommendation/witchcraft that will allow me to do what I need  :)?