3D visualization of Visio diagrams?

Started by tubelugs, May 28, 2009, 10:56:31 PM

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Greetings. New user here. Have been using Visio since...well, before they were owned by MS.

I'm looking for a 3D add-in enabling Visio diagrams to be displayed in 3 dimensions. Functionality similar to what's promised by Wise Dimensions' 3D Visioner, except actually working. (3D Visioner's most basic feature - linking objects across pages - does not work. At least it doesn't work as described in its Help system, or any variation I could come up with.  The company hasn't responded to emails seeking assistance.)

I've used this site's search function but came up empty-handed. Anyone know of a tool like this?

Much appreciated.


It fails pretty much across the board for me (even the screen saver won't work). The system requirements state that it will run on anything past v2002, but it appears to not have been updated since around 2004 (based on file dates).


I am a new user and i would like to display a visio diagram in 3 dimensions. How is this possible
Please any help ?


Visio does not support 3D. What 'tubelugs' and I were referring to is an add-in


Where the tool shows promise, I am currently trying to get some support for some issues. IMHO given the dramatic drop in the price of the tool it appears that the people responsible for it consider it to be at end-of-life.... I purchased it because I thought it was a neat screensaver, unfortunately even that doesn't work.


Hello everybody!

I remember I stumbled upon this website few times ago:

But I didn't try it.
And I don't know if it fits your needs.

hope it helps.

Visio Guy

Good stuff, wlofab!

This is not really 3D, but anybody who stumbles on this forum thread might find it interesting. 3D-looking custom fills for Visio:


And an evidently-related site for building good-looking swimming pool designs:

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Thanks for the talk about this, everyone.

I'm surprised that no viable company has offered this sort of add-in. The Wise Dimensions product shows it can be done.

I'm going to download the Visi3d tool, and will report back what I find.


OK, so I tried the Visi3d product. It is worse than bad. The only movement controls are forward, backward, left, and right. The claimed "walk through" and "fly through" features - suggesting you can go around corners, change the focal point, etc. - are simply non-existent. They aren't even mentioned in the 9-page "manual".


Still searching.

Visio Guy

For articles, tips and free content, see the Visio Guy Website at http://www.visguy.com
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