Automatic Dimension Tool for Timing Diagrams?

Started by Rob W, May 23, 2022, 09:17:57 PM

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Rob W


I'm an electrical engineer working in digital design and I often draw timing diagrams in Visio.  Sometimes, I use the Automatic Dimension tool to show a delay from one edge to another.  Of course, I replace the automatic dimension text with the delay value, for example "10 ns".

What I'd really like is a tool that works just like the Automatic Dimension, but it lets me set a scale value in displayed-time-units/length-unit.  For example, if I were to set the scale to "100 ns/inch" then, as I drag the end points to, say, 1.25 inches, then the new dimensioning tool would automatically show "125 ns".

Is there a tool like this?

You can see an example of what I'm talking about on page 5 of one of my diagrams here:



P.S.  Some other examples of my drawings can be found here (for a hobby project):

Paul Herber

The dimension tool supplied with Visio Pro relies very heavily on the selected dimension types for its internal operation. Modifying it to use a time instead would not be easy.
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