Visio Links Issue

Started by binkky, May 29, 2009, 06:32:40 PM

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The Project - Create a graphical representation of the front end of software in use for my company.
So far I have about 77 pages - under 40Mb. 
Each page has a good amount of links to other pages within the Visio drawing.
The drawing was originally started in Visio 2007, but I had to save as a 2002 document and I learned lesson number 1.  Visio 2002 doesn't like long sheet names and will truncate.  Truncating breaks links. - Fine, I fixed those.

The problem - All links are pointed to the right place, however, on certain links, when I enter view mode, F5, and click a link, it takes me to the correct page, but exits me from view mode.

..Is this a bug?  Am I doing something stupid?

Any help is appreciated.