Adding components in stencil, when it is scaled

Started by hnrkkrkb, January 16, 2022, 09:08:57 AM

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In Visio there is a stencil with furnitures, in this stencil there is a table with chairs.
When you expand the table, more chairs are added
I can't find a desrpition of how it is made anywhere

Does anyone know if its posible to make that function in selfmade stencils?

Thanks in advance

Paul Herber

With these shapes all the parts of the shape are always there but hidden when the shape is below a certain size.
P.S. the Visio phraseology is that these are sub-shapes of a shape, not components, and not stencils.
Open the shapesheet of the table shape and look at how the formulae work, you will also need to open the Drawing Explorer to look at the shape's sub-shapes and look at the formulae in them as well.
P.S. You will ned to enable Developer Mode.
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