Author Topic: Visual Studio 2022 Hot Reload for a Visio VSTO Solution doesn't really work  (Read 81 times)

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Even though Microsoft says that the new hot reload functionality works for pretty much any .NET project, and Office VSTO is not mentioned as an exception, I assumed that hot reload would work pretty well.

However if I make even an insignificant change to any function in my ThisAddIn object, I get this error for pretty much any Visio interop object used in the function:

Error BC37230 Cannot continue since the edit includes a reference to an embedded type: 'Shapes'. ExtendedVisioAddin1 1 Active

I could add just this line:

Dim A as integer = 1

and I get these errors and hot reload isn't working.

Is hot reload incompatible with the .NET wrappers around COM interop objects? If I could get hot reload to work with Office VSTO solutions it would be a pretty great timesaver. Thank you for your help and advice!
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