Can you comment in Visio Web on read-only diagrams

Started by Visisthebest, November 02, 2021, 11:58:25 AM

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I use gradients in diagrams which can only be read-only in Visio's web client, I assume this is still unchanged.

Can users however now comment on these read-only diagrams in the Visio web client?

I see on the Visio roadmap that the web client has been improved for commenting a few months ago:

Visio: Enhanced collaboration experience with modern commenting

Set your stage with a richer commenting experience that provides a modern UI and is consistent with other Office apps.

Feature ID: 63007
Added to roadmap: 5/27/2021
Last modified: 7/1/2021
Product(s): Visio
Cloud instance(s): GCC High, GCC, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)
Platform(s): Web
Release phase(s): General Availability
Visio 2021 Professional