Embedding fonts in Visio?

Started by YossiD, October 10, 2021, 07:07:48 AM

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I thought this would be trivial, but I can't find how to embed fonts in Visio 2013. Can it be done?

A colleague gave me some Visio diagrams he'd created for incorporation in a document I was working on. When I opened them the font was Arial, and I had to resize some shapes  to make the text fit better. When I mentioned it he told me that on his computer the text all fit fine and that he had used the Technical font (which was not installed on my computer). Not only did the font not come along with the diagrams, but Visio didn't even indicate that it had performed a font substitution.

Paul Herber

No, it can't. Visio doesn't handle fonts very well. Even other office programs don't tell you if a font is missing (as far as I know).
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fonts are pulled from the system running visio.  if font is missing on local system, not sure what visio does.
In the past, font in visio was a relative number pointing to the relative font.
(for example, local system A might have arial, times roman....but local system B might have times roman and calibria.....so a font index of 2 would have times roman on system A and Calibri on System B).
I think this was updated to font name in visio 2010 or so.  But again, if font not present in the local system, not sure what visio will do.