Why do the connectors look misaligned when I zoom out?

Started by firius2010, May 12, 2021, 03:53:28 PM

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I took another look at this problem and I am positive this is one key source of the problem:

- Connectors and other lines do not line up perfectly at all zoom levels, because during rendering there is a difference between lines that are calculated on the Visio page, lines that are in a group shape or lines that are in another group shape than the line you would expect a line to line up with.

Lines/connectors that are in the exact same position can render slightly differently because of this. Move all the lines on to the page and out of group shapes, or all in to the same group shape, and the issue disappears at the problematic zoom levels.

Why is this so? Maybe during all the calculations needed for rendering, sometimes because of rounding differences at the various zoom levels the lines do not end up in exactly the same place even though logically they should be in exactly the same place. It may be something else, or related to this.

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