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Started by Intervivos, May 30, 2023, 07:54:53 PM

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Good afternoon,

For the last month ive been using visio for my job in order to create a network of maps. I solved most problems ive had, however I am now trying to deal with a connector problem.

I would like to have a layer of connectors that will connect to sites within the same layer. Than i would like to create a 2nd layer also with connectors that will not interfere with the deselected other layers. However when i turn off my first layer and start to place the new layer connectors it changes there path because of the hidden connectors on the other layer. Is there away to make it so that each layer of connectors don't interfere with each other?

Thank you for your help with this matter. 

Thomas Winkel


set the ConFixedCode cell of the connector to "2 - visSLOCConFixedRerouteNever".
You can do this for all existing connectors at once in the Document Stencil:
* More Shapes -> Show Document Stencil
* In the Document Stencil, right click "Dynamic connector"
* Edit Master -> Edit Master Shape
* On close you will be asked if all instances should be updated -> Yes
Now, all new connectors will inherit this behavior.


Not entirely, what I wanted. I was hoping to have 2 different layers of connectors. Where each layer will do the proper re-routing and line jumps as normal with all other connects in its own layer, and not be affected by the other connectors in the other layers. But I think i found in the UML class i found a connector that is done by association, and so far with the current testing it apears not to be effected by the other layers and has the functions i require. Thanks for your input.


Thomas Winkel

I know what you mean and I hoped that locking the layer would do it, but it did not.
Actually the hidden connection points pop up when hovering with a connector.
I think MS should change this behavior.
Unfortunately, they are inaccessible for feedback from the community.

I had a similar issue with drag & drop external data to shapes which also targets shapes on hidden layers.
Here, locking helped.^

It would be interesting how the UML connector does that. Can you upload an example?