Author Topic: Bizarre nudge behaviour when multiple containers are on one drawing  (Read 6055 times)

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I have a drawing with containers beside containers, containers inside containers, and lists inside containers.

The lists and containers all behave themselves except for the issue of aligning them.

Dragging with the mouse is ok, albeit constrained by the grid, but using arrows or shift-arrows to move them has bizarre results.

before you ask, no I don't have scroll-lock on, its not a problem with the page moving, its odd movement of the shapes.

I can select a container, moving it with the mouse is fine, all contained shapes move perfectly BUT all unpredictably
1. Shift+Up or just Arrow Up, can make the shapes all move down a long way, or down & to the right..
2. Shift+down can make them move to the same location shift+up did..
2. Shift+up or Arrow Up moves the selected shapes into a list container further up the page

Its bizarre, I can have three list containers side by side inside a container, I can nudge two of them up with shift+up, but one of them will jump down somewhere, or down & to the right..  doesn't appear to be inside another container exactly.  I can align those three lists fine using multiple selection & then ribbon Align-Top.

Its just using arrows or nudge, shift+arrow that has this odd behaviour..

any ideas?

Paul Herber

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Re: Bizarre nudge behaviour when multiple containers are on one drawing
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Can you attach a document we can try out?
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Hi, Dave!

Are you sure that issue related with ShapeSheet?