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Started by jimibray, February 15, 2021, 01:42:03 PM

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Hi All,

I'd like to have single page diagrams and the largest printer that's easily accessed by all is A3. So I have a question about what's the best approach...

1. Set up templates and shapes for A3 but set the line weights and font size to a suitable small size so I can fit everything on one page?
2. Set everything up as A2 but with more sensible font sizes and rely on the printed to shrink the page?

Does anyone have any experience in what gives the best printed output? Drawings aren't produced to scale (or with dimensions on) so I'm only worried about ease of use for creating them and how they appear to someone reading he diagram. With the whole Coronavirus situation I'm working from home so don't have access to an A3 printer to create some diagrams to print and compare.