Started by rsoby, May 07, 2009, 12:51:13 PM

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Have you considered putting all your posts ( articles and ZIPs/VSTs/VSDs/VSSs and maybe the blogs as there is a lot of help and info there) into a E-book. I know I would gladly fork over $$$ to have it all on my zip drive as many times while traveling or out of range, I have no internet and need to look up an answer. Your site is great when I can get to it, but I have to download the files and a lot of times, cut and paste the article and read and try several times to 'get it'.

Just a thought

Paul Herber

Can the RSS feeds be used for that?

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David Parker recommends using the RSS feeds as well. I try to keep track of Chris' work (and the other mvp blogs) in a OneNote notebook. It allows me to better organize the materials.