Create Bay Window (my FAIL)

Started by dcasciato, October 16, 2020, 08:48:39 PM

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I am trying to create a bay window using Visio standard shapes. Attached is my failed attempt.

Using the wall and window from the default Visio stencil for "Walls, Shells, and Structures" I created what looks like a reasonable result. Following are what does not work:

1. Visio basic window works quite well. When it gets close to a wall it "snaps" and creates a space where it is inserted. When my group shape gets close to a wall, the windows snap from my group and snap to the base wall. example 1

2. I have no idea how to move the connection/glue points to the top of the shape. The approximate location where this should take place is in example 3.

3. Scaling of the group distorts the snapping of the windows to the walls of the bay window shape.

4. Example 2 is the base group which Is under the "Favorites" stencil.

In my humble opinion a YouTube video of how to create this shape would be a big hit and show use of a number of Visio functions.

Thanks in Advance - Dan


IMHO, it might be easier to just create the desired shape than to try to use standard shapes for this.