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Script to pull shape report
« on: September 21, 2020, 06:33:41 PM »
Hello all,
First time posting here, I've ran into some roadblocks.
Currently for my job we are using shapes to mark where surveys were taken, there are two different shapes representing survey methods.. When the shapes are dropped on the page the user is prompted for 5 fields of data, lets called these fields A,B,C,D,E... . Both shapes have the same label for B, which is description. I currently have a predetermined report set up that will find all the shapes on the page with a label "Description exists TRUE" which then pulls all the information from both shapes and places it into a Visio shape on the page.
I am looking for advice / guidance on how to automate this report via a VBA script.
And if possible, have this generated visio shape placed on Page-2 of my document.
Thank you,